The newest technologies of full-color printing on any flexible materials
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Film packaging

Classic polypropylene and polyethylene, as well as complex multi-layer varieties for additional properties.

Paper packaging

Classic paper and cardboard + lamination with films and foil for extra characteristics and attractiveness.

Foil packaging

Classic foil. All kinds of foil laminating with various films and paper or cardboard.

It is worth knowing that modern packaging should not just be there, it should really to sell ...

What's necessary for a truly sales-boosting packaging


Puncture and tear-resistance - for transportation and storage


Resistance to chemically active agents and heating in a microwave.


Attractive appearance and durable material


Material qualities that increase shelf-life of the product

Our efficient machine park allows us to print such packages quickly and at the lowest price
Coral flexo printing machine

Full, 6-color base with a maximum printing width of 1250 mm.

Mistral Laminator

Laminator uses all types of adhesives: with solvent, solvent-free, water-based. Maximum printing width is 1330 mm.

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