Food packaging

9 important properties of Food packaging:

Material qualities that increase shelf-life of the product


Ensuring the stability of structure, taste and smell of the product


Attractive appearance and durable material


Attractive and hi-tech packaging, that enhances sales

100% Seal

Water and air-impenetrable


Puncture and tear-resistance - for transportation and storage


Complete absence of chemical interaction of packaging with contents


Resistance to chemically active agents and heating in a microwave.


Light-proof properties (for dairy products in particular)

Food products represent one of the most diverse areas of flexible packaging use. Food requieres ecological, high-quality, attractive and sustainable materials. Given the high competition that our clients face and the strict requirements to the properties of packaging, we offer only the best options at competitive prices.

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According to research data, 64% of people would purchase a product of unfamiliar brand simply if it has beautiful packaging.
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Studies also show that purchase decisions are affected by 27% through TV advertising, by 31% - through recommendations and, highest, by 37% through the packaging.
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