About us

"Leaderflex", LLC
Quality made from experience
"Leaderflex", LLC specializes in production of flexible packaging for different industries. We are a team of seasoned professionals, growing and developing our skills further every year.

We are also keeping our machinery park up-to-date and the high level of the market. Equipped with one of the latest models of Mistral Laminator machine, our production department is offering THE best cutting-edge options of packaging materials. 

As progress and competition in many markets are growing, we are making sure to keep up and provide these opportunities for our clients, delivering the most efficient packaging properties for their products.

With 10 years in market, best technology, and the best team of 40 committed people we are looking forward to offer our best for your products. Give us a call or leave a message below and let's discuss the huge potential and the impact that great packaging can generate in YOUR market!

We make more than packaging. We offer modern high tech solutions for sales-boosting and branding.